Making It Work
Philadelphia 15 conference
May 5-7 2015

William AmurgisWilliam Amurgis (USA)

Intranet and internal communications specialist, director of global communications, NetJets
  • William has simplified his approach to internal communications to just three words: inspire, inform, involve.
  • He laughs every day, usually at himself.




As an award-winning intranet manager and internal communicator, William speaks at conferences around the world to share his experiences and help others.
He has positioned the intranet to become the most trusted source of important information at the company - over supervisors, co-workers, and top executives -- while simultaneously designing and delivering training to help leaders become more effective communicators.
William also spearheaded the development of an online employee ideas system that generated $18 million in real cost savings over just the first two months of use.
He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Statistics, of all things, and a Master of Arts degree in Education.

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