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Philadelphia 15 conference
May 5-7 2015

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Program : Wednesday, May 6th 2015

Time: 6.30 am
Run with the Vikings

Location: We meet in front of The Hub CityView, 30 South 17th street - front entrance
Join the morning run to prepare for a day of learning and networking. We will run about 25 minutes at a relaxed pace to the Rocky statue and back

Time: 8.00 am
Breakfast & Registration

Come pick up your conference badge and enjoy breakfast with fellow conference participants. We encourage attendees and speakers alike to join, get the discussion going first thing and set the scene for the rest of the day.

Time: 9.00 am - 9.15 am

Conference opening with Janus Boye (DK), J. Boye
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Time: 9.15 am - 10.00 am

Keynote: Raising the Bar on Customer Experience

Speaker: Scott Liewehr (USA), Digital Clarity Group
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Empowered consumers, fueled by new technologies and ever-increasing expectations, are demanding more and more dynamic and relevant experiences from the brands they support.
The days of blind loyalty are gone, and customer are quick to choose the competition when their expectations are left unsatisfied. Regardless of B2B or B2C, businesses are appropriately turning to Customer Experience Management (CEM) as their answer to this trend. As the de facto owner of digital channels, the Marketing organization typically leads the way by deploying a suite of next generation content technologies to tailor digital experiences for prospects and customers.
However, marketers should be mindful that merely focusing on the pre-purchase and buyer journeys alone will merely heighten expectations and leave customers even less satisfied if the rest of the organization fails to improve its products, services and numerous non-marketing-led interactions in parallel. Organizations with this lopsided view of customer experience will lose customers even faster than those who do nothing at all.
In this presentation, Scott Liewehr will identify the trends in customer experience management, and he will help audience members alike understand both the benefits and potential pitfalls of today’s outlook on customer experience.

Time: 10.15 am - 11.00 am

Managing the Politics of Content

Track: Content Strategy
Speaker: Hilary Marsh (USA), Content Strategist
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Politics play a big role in the success or failure of an organization’s digital efforts, both in the way they are created and in their day-to-day use. If a site is built based on aspirations rather than reality, then while user needs might be satisfied, the organization's internal roilings may prevent the site from making a positive difference for the business. If the cloaks of accountabiliity remain unspoken, then it's incredibly challenging to tie digital efforts to metrics that are meaningful to the organization (and that ensure ongoing staffing and budget). And if the internal clients don’t have organizational buy-in, they may go down with that ship too.

Politics often dictate what goes on the home page, what can or can be cross-linked, and even what content is exempt from usability guidelines. Everyone involved in creating or maintaining a digital presence needs to have a shared understanding and speak with a common voice about the need to get past politics in order for the work we do to achieve its intended goals. Session participants will share their own “war stories” and come up with specific, actionable suggestions for solving their political challenges.

Session Takeways - How organizational politics sabotage success
- Roadmap for how to overcome politics
- Real-life stories illustrating every step of the way, and how practitioners have learned from successes and failures
- Ideas from session participants that they can start using right away

10 Top Tips for Digital Transformation

Track: Digital Leadership
Speaker: Rob Gethen (UK), Southbank Centre
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In two years Southbank Centre has gone from being “digital-zero” to a digital leader in its sector. As the world’s largest single run arts centre, in 2013 we set out to embed digital throughout the organisation to transform how we deliver over 4500 events and 12 festivals a year across multiple venues, and how we engage with our visitors and online audiences.

To do this we had to build solid digital platforms covering core infrastructure and connectivity, video capture and display platforms, in-house digital skills, and information and digital asset assurance. Alongside this we had to fix our website to respond properly during periods of peak demand, cross-sell products and support mobile purchases. Right now we are building a brand new ticketing website, creating online festivals, experimenting with new digital learning formats, and developing a standard for publishing linked open data for events.

In this presentation Rob will share what he has learnt during the digital transformation of Southbank Centre so far, and offers tips for anyone on a digital journey; possibly highlighting some of the things that are helping to make the difference between success and failure.

Beyond this Rob will pose the question "where now"? Having built digital foundations for your organisation, how do set a digital destination that makes sense and when is the digital transformation complete? For instance is it when your CEO becomes your Chief Digital Officer? And for the Southbank Centre, where so much of the experience sits firmly within the physical space, what does a digital arts centre actually look like?

Transforming 3 intranets into a mobile digital workplace

Track: Intranet & Digital Workplace
Speaker: Kirsten Culbertson (USA), The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
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Kirsten Culbertson, Manager, Digital Workforce Strategy at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, will offer a sneak peek into the transformation of CHOP's three Intranet sites into an online, mobile friendly Digital Workplace, serving more than 14,000 employees at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

As organizations continue to grow and employees' relationship to work changes, digital workplace leaders will continue to be challenged to offer solutions that allow employees to access the tools and information they need, when, where and how they need it.

For Discussion:
1. Many Intranets and Digital Workplaces are expanding their view beyond websites and social collaboration tools. We’re seeing an opportunity to offer a more streamlined online employee experience that allows employees to move seamlessly between several applications that are needed each day to get their jobs done. What does a fully realized employee digital experience mean to you? Does it require single sign-on? Does it mean branding all internal applications with an employee brand? Is an employee brand required?
2. Many applications available for talent management, recruitment, engagement, etc., offer similar functionality: social collaboration, badges, communities, profiles, dashboards, knowledge base. As we consider the need to offer a streamlined employee experience, how do we handle multiple applications that offer similar functionality?

Marketing Mindsets: Direct Response vs. Relationship Marketing

Speaker: Martin Weinberg (USA), Friendly Planet Travel
Track: Marketing Transformation
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While communication has transitioned from postal to mostly digital, the legacy direct response approach often becomes the default mindset for online campaigns. While that can still be effective, it's missing a powerful opportunity to multiply your efforts by creating, nurturing and developing relationships online over time, segmenting messages by interest and intent.

- Get a fresh perspective on prospect lifecycles
- Leverage the sales funnel to make communications more effective
- Explore ways to scale up technologies based on time, budget and resources
- Create synergy between web, social and email tactics
- Leverage analytics better to focus on the metrics that matter

Time: 11.15 am - 12.00 am

Prioritizing Content Strategy Projects So Your Users and Business Win

Track: Content Strategy
Speaker: Sara Walsh (USA), Motorola
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Your list of content projects is long. How are you deciding which to tackle first? And how do you make the argument to prioritize a project you know is important but always seems to get pushed aside? We'll consider criteria to evaluate content projects and also look at a unique method to help you measure their value for the business AND your users, so you can focus on what's most effective.

Everyone Owns Digital

Track: Digital Leadership
Speaker: Jonathan Sullivan (USA), Health Management Academy

Digital is now integral to every aspect of business. Digital is no longer a separate business function, but is simply the way that business is done, all across the enterprise, all the time. What does it mean for digital leaders, if everyone in the organization owns digital? Aren’t we the digital experts? What is our role, if everyone is supposed to “wear a digital hat?”

This session will explore the answers to these questions with some interactive role-playing designed to help us think about digital from the perspective of those in non-digital roles. No acting skills required, just come prepared to have some fun!

Wrestling the Intranet uber-challenges, making progress - and staying sane

Track: Intranet & Digital Workplace
Speaker: Lau Andreasen (DK), J. Boye

Managing today’s intranets / digital workplaces is a mammoth task requiring a plethora of skills, diplomatic and psychological flair and the ability to stay calm and collected even when the feeling of impatience threatens to make you implode or explode. At different times of the day you find yourself fulfilling very different roles; glorified content creator, over-qualified support desk, self-taught librarian, hard-nosed negotiator, exhausted diplomat…

You have probably been in the game for a long time and (no doubt without noticing it fully) made huge strides - with minimal resources.
Your efforts have helped your co-workers work smarter and access crucial information easier. You have cracked many challenges and readily added lots of new task to your to-do-list - driven by a mix of curiosity, professional pride - and a slight feeling of resentment!

There are, however, a number of “uber-challenges” which you - and with you most others in the game - continue to battle. The same ones you discuss every time you get together with peers.
- How do you get a firm grip on all the many aspects of governance around people, roles and responsibilities?
- How do you deal with the ever-growing amount of content and ensure that it is both findable and useful?
- How do you meet the training and support needs that just continue growing with the introduction of still more new tools and functionalities?
- How do you get your co-workers to embrace online collaboration fully?

Lau moderates many of J. Boye’s intranet, collaboration and digital workplace groups in a number of countries and has listened in on many accounts of pain and frustration relating to exactly those big questions - but he thankfully also hears lots of the sound and pragmatic ideas and solutions our many members come up with. He will share up-to-date advice that has worked; not necessarily solved all the issues, but helped members stay sane, make progress and ultimately become better in their roles. You may have input too, so there will be plenty of interactive discussion.

A cupcake audible: making halftime adjustments for the big game

Track: Marketing Transformation
Speaker: Mari Luangrath (USA), Social Media Expert
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Just because it worked last season doesn't mean it'll work again this year. When the initial social media strategy you fell into doesn't work anymore, how do you switch focus on the fly? Mari Luangrath shares how she and her team at Foiled Cupcakes iterate, collaborate and adjust on a daily basis to go after the right customers using the right tools -- and still don't feel compelled to "pay to play." Learn from their mistakes, get some ideas that are easily implemented, and figure out how your company's social media strategy may benefit from a halftime tweak for the big win.

Time: 12.00 am - 1.00 pm

Time: 1.00 pm - 1.45 pm

Who put their technology in my content strategy?

Track: Content Strategy
Speaker: Meghan Walsh (USA), Marriott
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Content strategy cannot be delivered without technology, and technology is only useful if it has a purpose. Why, then, are content strategy and content technology efforts managed independently and often put in competition with each other? This session will focus on identifying and leveraging connections between content strategy and technology planning in order to create momentum and progress in delivering customer experiences. Intended for IT and business participants, discussion will focus on opportunities for organizations to better design and deliver on content and technology holistically rather than in pieces. Learn from Marriott International’s successes and, sometimes painful, failures 18 months in to transforming our approach to content delivery.

3M: Using Digital Asset Management to Touch Customers Around the Globe

Track: Digital Leadership
Speaker: John DeMarco, Manager Enterprise Content Excellence, 3M
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3M Company is an innovative and global conglomerate that provides products and services in over 90 countries around the world in the Healthcare, Industrial, Safety & Graphics, Electronics & Energy, and Consumer markets.
3M has been involved with Digital Asset Management since 1997, and the implementation of celum is part of the latest step in the company’s continuous road to digital excellence. Unique customization, enforcement of process and guidelines, and a large user base enable the company to utilize the power of DAM globally. Using assets from the DAM to touch 3M's customers on a daily basis is imperative in today's "e" environment. Web catalogs, social platforms including Youtube and Brightcove provide content to 3M's customers and channel partners and enhances the customer interaction with 3M.

How to make your intranet trustworthy

Track: Intranet & Digital Workplace
Speaker: William Amurgis (USA), NetJets

Even if your intranet has a sparkling design, rich features, and comprehensive content, do people trust it as a reliable, accurate, and timely source of important information about your organisation? 
In this session, led by an internationally-recognised intranet manager, we’ll explore ways to make your intranet vital, relevant, and trustworthy.

Digital Transformation – It’s all about the Business

Track: Marketing Transformation
Speaker: Thomas Smith (USA), Tahzoo
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Customer experience has become the key differentiator in business today. Companies are struggling to keep up with their customers and prospects given the changes in culture, communication and technology. The path to driving successful customer experiences is centered in a company’s ability to transform itself to keep pace with the world around it. This is digital transformation. As Forrester Research puts it, “digitally enabled customer experiences are no longer a nicety; they’re an obligation.

In this session, Thomas Smith, will cover the 4 pillars of digital transformation; business, marketing, service, and technology. Through real world examples from Tahzoo’s experience with enterprises around the globe, we will take a look at some success stories and some cautionary tales surrounding digital transformation initiatives.

Key takeways from this session:
- Getting at the root cause of the business problem/ opportunity
- Learning how to identify, track and measure business success
- Understanding all the moving parts that need to be orchestrated
- How to determine what technology is needed and how to create a roadmap for investment, implementation and optimization

Time: 2.00 pm - 3.00 pm


Themes and speakers:
- Marketing is eating the world - digital brand experience is everything - Dan Backhaus (USA), Delaware Consulting
- Designing for delight - Jake DiMare (USA), Agency Oasis
- How to make your SharePoint 2013 program happen - Jed Cawthorne (Canada), BMO Financial Group
- How can the intranet manager become the most valuable player? - Lau Andreasen (Denmark), J. Boye
- Using enterprise social networking to drive business value - Lesley Crook (UK), GlaxoSmithKline
- Balancing Purpose, Platform, and Partners - Randy Kirsch (USA), Presbyterian Homes and Services
- Connecting the dots - using data to lead - Shelby Thayer (USA), Penn State University
- Selling content strategy to management - Stephen Emmott (UK), J. Boye

Time: 3.15 pm - 4.00 pm

Why does content attract strategists?

Track: Content Strategy
Speaker: Stephen Emmott (UK), J. Boye
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Content strategy is now an accepted facet of digital practice, and content strategists part of the overall digital team. But does the customer get it and if so is it working? By contrasting content with digital assets, and content strategy with digital asset management, we'll explore the role of the content strategist and the future of content strategy.

Moving Away from Content as a Liability

Track: Digital Leadership
Speaker: Kristina Podnar (USA), ActiveStandards
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Every time you create online content for your organization you face the possibility of publishing something that is inaccurate, inconsistent with your brand and organizational tone and voice, or out of compliance with the many legal and regulatory requirements that a multinational can face. The results can be as minimal as embarrassment and loss of brand, but could amount to getting you sued or having a country site shut down.

In this session we will explore the intricacies born out of managing content in a multinational environment and examine how you can successfully deliver online content while protecting your organization. We will discuss real world examples where companies did not pay attention and it cost them market share, as well as examples of companies that are getting moving away from content as a liability and getting it right online.

Transforming Culture Key to Company Turnaround

Track: Intranet & Digital Workplace
Speaker: John Buchholz (USA), Pitney Bowes

Pitney Bowes is in the third of a five-year transformation project, kicked off in 2012 when Marc Lautenbach joined Pitney Bowes as Chief Executive Officer.

In addition to operational efficiencies and improved client experience, employee culture is among the CEO’s top three priorities. Culture change is not simply a “campaign,” but instead part of the management system. The annual employee engagement survey is one tool to measure progress; however, PB is re-assessing and re-launching its overall employee value proposition, how it creates a culture of collaboration – both using both online and offline tools and how it is increasing the role of the manager as one of the primary methods of employee communications.

This session also will talk about how, as part of its transformation, Pitney Bowes launched a new external branding effort and how that translated into relaunching its employee intranet and other communications vehicles.

A roadmap for marketing transformation

Track: Marketing Transformation
Speaker: Lars B. Petersen (Denmark), Sitecore
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How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time, the same is true for Digital Transformation, which often can be an overwhelming task, spanning over different organizational teams and much data to consider. In many cases the initial analysis causes paralysis and too often never gets through to execution. This session will help you map the digital transformation roadmap by explaining:

- How to use data and experience marketing to create lifetime customers, one step at a time
- What other organizations have done to get started on this journey
- How to identify your organizations most disconnected experiences

Time: 4.15 pm - 5.00 pm

Marketing and Strategy and Bears... oh my!

Track: Content Strategy
Speaker: Marli Mesibov (USA), Content Strategist
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It's a big scary world out there, filled with content strategists, content marketers, content creators, content managers... it never ends! In this talk, we'll talk about the care and feeding of a content whatever, and answer the question: why does it matter what we call ourselves?

Key Takeaways:
1. Although we *can* do everything and anything, we'll do our jobs better when we identify for ourselves, and our colleagues, what our job descriptions include.
2. Every role deserves respect, and content folk with other specialties have a lot to contribute to our projects.
3. The difference between content strategy, content marketing, and content management.
4. Concrete advice for working with colleagues who don't understand what we do.

Open Up: how to digitise democracy

Track: Digital Leadership
Speaker: Tracy Green (UK), Parliament
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The UK Parliament is the heart of democracy in the UK.
2015 sees the 750th birthday of this historic institution, but many see it as being increasingly irrelevant to their lives and out of touch with the modern world.
While digital innovation offers a remedy, technology in itself is not a panacea. True digital transformation needs leadership, cultural change and new ways of working.
As Head of Online Services Tracy Green has been at the forefront of many recent innovations but what does the future hold? How can Parliament harness technology and rejuvenate in the digital age to be relevant and effective in the 21st century? The recent report from the Digital Democracy Commission and the creation of the Parliamentary Digital Service mark the beginning of that process and provide the leadership needed to push forward that transformation.

Information Management to Information Governance

Track: Intranet & Digital Workplace
Speaker: Jed Cawthorne (Canada), BMO Financial Group

Does your organization take information management seriously ? Does it consider the intranet to be a key channel for information gathering and dissemination, for knowledge creation and sharing ? If it does then that is great, but what about the broader information governance agenda – do you have retention policies for content that is created, collaborated on, shared and published via your intranet ? Do you operate in a highly regulated industry sector ? Who “owns” your intranet, and what is the governance structure ? How do issues get escalated and fixed, and how good is your relationship with technical colleagues ?
In this session we will look at these questions and many others to address information governance from two perspectives – the governance of your intranet, and the broader impacts of an enterprise Information Governance strategy on managing your intranet.

Preparing for data-driven marketing

Track: Marketing Transformation
Speakers: Malini Doddamani

Many within the organisation are unaware of users' daily stampede through the various digital channels. Without awareness and understanding, it is challenging to share insights, highlight risks and reveal opportunities to stakeholders, many of whom rely most on first-hand experience. The ball park is very large at best. In this session, we will explore the drivers and resistors that must be addressed to start the new game of digital marketing, let alone play.

Time: 5.15 pm - 6.15 pm

Web Idol

- Help crown the “2015 American Web Idol” in a fast-paced, entertaining set of competitive demos.
- Could you win the 2015 American Web Idol? (blog)

Time: 6.30 pm

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