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Philadelphia 15 conference
May 5-7 2015

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Program : Tuesday, May 5th 2015

Time: 8.00 am
Breakfast & Registration

Come pick up your conference badge and enjoy breakfast with fellow conference participants. We encourage attendees and speakers alike to join, get the discussion going first thing and set the scene for the rest of the day.

Time: 9.00 am - 12.00 am

Morning Workshops

A strategic plan for improving your intranet
Speaker: William Amurgis (USA), NetJets

No matter how wonderful your organization's intranet may be today, it is rapidly becoming obsolete. Influenced by consumer technology, your people expect more from your intranet every day. How can you keep pace with these ever-increasing demands and avoid irrelevance?
During this workshop, we'll explore -- together -- the elements of a robust strategic plan to keep your intranet fresh and vital.

In particular, we'll consider the following topics:
- Establishing a purpose
- Securing leadership support
- Soliciting and responding to feedback
- Conducting research regularly
- Assembling a core team
- Deciding whether to build or buy
- Celebrating achievements

Foundations for Best-fit WCM Service Provider Selections
Speaker: Cathy McKnight (CA), Digital Clarity Group

Evaluating and selecting technology and service partners is intimidating. And without proper guidance, it's easy to take the wrong path. This workshop focuses on selection readiness. It is designed to point your organization in the right direction before you even start the journey to new solutions for web content and experience management. You will learn how to create a plan of action for getting your organization ready for a successful selection program - one that results in real business benefits as the direct result of implementing the right solutions with the right technology and service partners. We explore the fundamentals of selection preparation, covering four key areas of readiness:
- Identifying the stakeholder landscape
- Managing requirements gathering
- Building a business case
- Developing realistic budgets

We provide a step-by-step overview of an efficient, results-driven selection program, and we show you how to build a messaging and communications plan that will help you shape internal conversations about it. With this approach, you can set expectations, educate reluctant stakeholders, and get your company thinking about change management, which is often an afterthought but shouldn't be. The selection process is all about aligning business goals with the "best-fit" solution for your organization's needs. And finding that fit is about way more than just matching features to requirements. Armed with the outcomes of this workshop, you will be ready to move forward with confidence.

Build Your Own Content Strategy Roadmap
Speaker: Hilary Marsh (USA), Content Strategist
Download slides View presentation on Slideshare

The goals of this session are to understand what content strategy is and how to get started, to learn how to make content strategy part of your communications, and to prepare your content to be found and used anywhere, on any device.
Your organization produces a lot of content and publishes it across multiple channels, but does it have a purpose? Does it help you meet strategic goals, increase customer value, or help your audience achieve their goals? In this session, you will learn about the steps involved in creating a content strategy that works for your organization, and how to incorporate content strategy tactics and processes into what you do now. The workshop will include hands-on exercises, so that you’ll leave with some things you’ll be able to use right away when you get back to work.

Creating Cultures That Innovate
Speaker: Rose Cameron (USA), Penn State University

By contrasting the dynamics of cutting-edge innovative spaces with participants’ own day-to-day working environments, Rose will explore the characteristics that best engender innovative practices. By reflecting on the obstacles that impair innovation, the strategy and tactics necessary to foster sustainable cultures that support it will be revealed. Participants will leave with both an expectation of how their internal culture can be changed and crucially the next steps towards achieving this. More than just an intellectual exercise, Rose will challenge hearts as well as minds, instilling innovation into your everyday interactions as a key take away.

In this workshop we will:
1. Identify the core principles of cultures that innovate
2. Explore the barriers to innovation currently impeding your company’s progress
3. Identify strategies to overcome these barriers
4. Develop simple steps for you to begin fostering innovation in your culture

Time: 12.00 am - 1.00 pm

Time: 1.00 pm - 4.00 pm

Afternoon Workshops

Nimble positioning: strategy and governance for digital
Speaker: Stephen Emmott (UK), J. Boye
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Knowing what not to do and being able to at least think ‘no’ is an enviable position. With finite resources and many choices, making better decisions and acting on these requires a firm stance that can be easily shifted when it is right to do so. Being or becoming digital, at the frontier of transformation, amplifies the situation and digital professionals often find themselves facing this alone. How do we ensure our contribution to the organisation helps it to find the right position? How do we stay in step with, or help find the right steps for, our colleagues and co-workers? This workshop will blend ideas and examples with hands-on exercises and discussion to push aside unhelpful terminology and get to the core of good strategy and governance.

What you’ll take away
-An understanding of strategy and governance
-Practical insights to share with colleagues
-Models to apply after the conference
-A potential network to consult on your return

Successful enterprise collaboration; creating a real world strategy
Speaker: Beth Gleba (USA), J. Boye

Creating a plan for successful collaboration in your company takes vision, leadership and know-how. This workshop will give you the hands on opportunity to develop a collaboration playbook for managing and guiding this journey. Together we will map out the state of affairs of collaboration and enterprise social networking generally and then examine business purpose, cultural readiness, the tool mix, governance, change management and sustainability by working through real world scenarios. You could even propose your own company for us to workshop. We will bring in case studies and you should bring fast pace and high energy.

Becoming customer obsessed: Steps on the path to a fully realized customer experience strategy
Speaker: Jake DiMare (USA), Agency Oasis

In recent years, many organizations have made significant investment in marketing technology which promises to automate the delivery of a highly personalized and enhanced customer experience. However, these powerful technology solutions are only a part of the overall capability needed to make good on this promise.
Together in this workshop we will explore another critical angle: Deep, and meaningful understanding of our customer’s feelings, goals, and aspirations, as they make the journey from awareness that they may want or need our products or services to lifelong advocates of our brand.
The purpose of this workshop is to learn more about how to prepare for the rollout of a successful Customer Experience delivery platform. We’ll share specific tools and the process followed to leverage them, with a special focus on empathy based personas and customer journey mapping. We’ll also take a look at where these tools fit within the overall path to successful adoption and use of automated customer engagement platforms.

How to be the Dale Earnhardt Jr. of Agile
Speaker: James Cannings (UK), MMT Digital
Slides: Download slides View presentation on Slideshare Agile cheat sheet: View presentation on Slideshare

In NASCAR, all of the cars are lightning quick, but a small number are much quicker than the rest of the pack. It is the same with Agile projects. We are all aware that when Agile is applied successfully to a project the speed of delivery can be rapid, but wouldn’t it be great if you could go even quicker!

I will tell you how you can become the Agile equivalent of the quickest NASCAR drivers who leave their peers trailing in their dust. By using simple fine tuning techniques and having excellent leadership, you can take your already successful Agile practices to an even higher standard.

Never again shall your projects skid off course or suffer from technical failures. You will leave this workshop fully confident that you are in pole position to achieve unprecedented delivery speeds.

Time: 4.15 PM - 5.00 PM

Keynote: Utilizing Successful Municipal Marketing Strategies & Industry Trends to Promote & Grow Your Brand

Speaker: Desiree Peterkin-Bell (USA), Office of the Mayor, Michael A. Nutter, Philadelphia
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Director of Strategic Communications and City Representative Desiree Peterkin-Bell has developed and implemented a successful digital media campaign to revitalize the City of Philadelphia’s local, national and international brand recognition while engaging Philadelphia’s citizens in an energizing process.

Philadelphia’s citizens now share the pride of living in a City that was recently named the Number 3 ‘place to go’ – Number 1 American city – on the New York Times’ list of “52 Places to Go in 2015”; a “World Festival & Event City” by the International Festival and Events Association; the Number 2 “Best Shopping City in the World” by Conde Naste Traveler; a “summer festival destination” by Vogue Magazine for the Wawa Welcome America! Festival’s Philly 4th of July Jam; and home to the race that has been dubbed both the “Best Marathon in the Mid-Atlantic region” according to and one of Runner’s World’s “Ten Must Run Marathons for 2015” – the GORE-TEX® Philadelphia Marathon.

Desiree brings her experience with managing, marketing and promoting the City of Philadelphia’s largest events, utilizing the full array of social media platforms and the evolving technology of digital media, to a Keynote presentation that will give you information and techniques to adapt these broad communication strategies to promote your business brand and attract investment for growth opportunities.

Keynote: Making Museums Digital

Speaker: Suse Cairns (USA), Baltimore Museum of Art

Digital technologies have been widely disruptive, and the museum sector has not been immune to these challenges. Existing business models and core assumptions about museum work have come into question as the affordances of new technologies showed new ways of doing business. How can established businesses and institutions incorporate new knowledge and ways of doing business with existing models in order to solve challenging problems? This talk will draw on examples from the most innovative institutions in the museum sector to explore how reframing a problem completely, rather than relying only on assumed knowledge, can offer up new ways for getting things done, and making change happen. It will also draw together and synthesize themes from Day One of the conference to set the scene for deeper exploration in the coming days.

Keynote: 3x5 minutes

Speakers: James Cannings (UK), MMT Digital Download slides View presentation on Slideshare, Rose Cameron (USA), Penn State University & Rob Gethen (UK), Southbank Centre

Time: 5.15 PM - 6.15 PM

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