Making It Work
Philadelphia 15 conference
May 5-7 2015

Todd MoranTodd Moran (UK)

Director of Social Enterprise, Schneider Electric
  • Certified Professional in Learning & Performance
  • Winner of Jive Software's best in show classification for "New Way to Business" in 2013
  • Holder of an M.A. degree in Information & Learning Technology with an emphasis in digital experience



Todd Moran is a social business strategist, organizational learning evangelist, and educational technology fanatic. His professional career has spanned start-ups, non-profits and his current role at Schneider Electric, the global specialist in energy management with operations in over 100 countries. From the megatrends in enterprise collaboration to technology evaluation and implementation, and to the ‘people’ side of organizational change and technology adoption, Todd covers the gamut of understanding what it takes to enable successful collaboration. As part of his role at Schneider Electric, Todd has planned, designed, and implemented internal and external communities across the organization, radically streamlining Schneider Electric’s IT landscape, and slashing total cost of ownership (TCO) by replacing a multitude of legacy, siloed systems with what is becoming an integrated, global communications and customer experience standard across Schneider Electric.
Through prior professional roles at Telvent (a Spanish-based real-time IT firm), Miner & Miner Consulting (a US-based software and consulting company) and GITA (the premier global information technology association focused on the geospatial industry), Todd has driven a multitude of collaborative business initiatives focused on producing tangible value for external clients and internal stakeholders alike. Examples include: devising strategies for capturing the tacit knowledge of the aging workforce, learning models of Generation Y, and processes and technologies for fostering collaborative product design.
He is a frequent speaker at live and online industry events. Todd is a CPLP (Certified Professional in Learning and Performance) and a member of The Community Roundtable – the preeminent international network of social business leaders, whose mission is to “connect clients with the people and ideas that help them build and grow successful communities with their customers, employees, and partners.” He holds a Bachelors in Organizational Psychology and a Masters in Information & Learning Technology.

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